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About Us

The Liwi company has been established in 1995, and converted into Ltd Company in 2000, by Robert Florczak (one of the owner), the winner of Silver in the World Championships 2010, the current member of Ice Fishing Team Poland. He has turned his passion for fishing in to a full-time job by founding one of the biggest company on the market specializing in the fishing baits and tackles.

The company manufactures and wholesales fishing baits for small business and corporation customers. It is also one of the biggest distributor on the Polish and European markets. Liwi is fully licensed and it is recognized as the most reliable organization on the market.

Thanks to many years of experience and wide knowledge, Liwi offers the highest quality product from home and foreign sources.

Having wide range of live baits, variety of packaging, and professional customer service Liwi is able to meet the most demanding customers’ needs.

Liwi offers the following products:
* Maggots (Polish and English)
* Colour maggots (red, yellow, orange)
* Pinkies (red, yellow, orange, white, fluo)
* Bloodworms
* Jokers
* Nightcrawlers
* Casters
* Dendrobena (sizes II, III, IV)

Baits are offered in variety packaging according to type and size. Liwi also provides the Styrofoam thermoses for long distance transport in varies temperature.

All products and services are able to satisfy even the most demanding anglers. Liwi’s baits have gained recognition on the competitive level. Liwi became the main supporter of local, national and international tournaments.

Since 2002, Liwi is achieving on the Ice Fishing National and International Competitions. This success gave the company opportunity to supply warehouses, shops and individual angler with ice fishing equipment.

Since 2002, Liwi has achieved success in the fishing competition on ice for the national and international tournaments. This success has lead the organization to distribute their products.

Liwi can guarantee professional and friendly customer service. They are happy to help with choosing the right product, equipment and provide the advice.

Please contact us on to for more details and discuss terms of condition.